My body my choice / BETWEEN WORLDS

The surface of a painting can be understood as a thin veil separating two places: here and there.’

My work was inspired by the political situation in Poland in October 2016 – two worlds between here and there. The current Polish government wanted to apply a complete ban on abortion, therefore, thousands of Polish women and men went onto the street to protest against this loss of freedom. This movement is called ‘Black Protest’ and for many it was a shocking thing, as history repeats itself. In the USA in the 1960s and 70s, women fought for the right to abortion, freedom and choice. The question now is why in the XXI century we still need to battle for basic human rights?

My installation was based on a stained glass window which has a strong connection with the Catholic Church, therefore Between Worlds is also a work between sacred and profane. 
Light and shadow play a very important role in this installation, it is intended as a kind of bridge between two worlds. One world being conservative, political and Catholic, the second world representing human rights/women’s right to their body and their health (first above anything).

When the light goes through the sculpture, we can see beautiful colours on the wall but when is off you just see the plastic forms. The installation was an idea dependent on the specific environment. So fixed to the studio wall is not the same as against a sunlit window.